Beef Protein Bites

Dog treat, beef protein bites
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This Air-Dried Beef Protein Bite is extremely tasty making them great as a treat or for training. They are non-oily and low odour making them easy to handle.  The softer slightly crumbly texture makes them great for puppies.

Sourced from local supplier here in New Zealand ensuring your dog eats only high-quality and ethically raised beef.

Air-Dried Beef Protein Bites are gently air-dried to slowly protect the natural nutrients. First, the airflow dehydration process protects and retains the natural nutrients. Second, the multi-stage drying technology ensures the safety and longevity of the food.  This process results in a high meat, gently air-dried Treat that your dog will love.

- A healthy way to treat your dog
- Great for all dog sizes and ages
- Cut into bite-size pieces
- No antibiotics, glutens, grain or added hormones
- Gently air-dried to protect the natural nutrients
- Convenient to store, handle, serve and enjoy