Venison Hoof Smoked

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Give your pooch the long-lasting chew he craves with this smoked Venison Hooves Dog Treat. Designed to be gradually worn down, these 100% all-natural beef hooves provide plenty of chewing time to satisfy your dog’s gnawing instincts. They’re made from NZ sourced deer and are gently wood-smoked in restaurant-quality smokers to lock in the naturally delicious smoked flavor, with zero additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.


Key Benefits

  • 100% all-natural, smoked deer hooves for long-lasting chewing and delicious flavor with zero artificial flavors, chemicals or artificial ingredients.
  • Longer lasting gnawing action satisfies dogs’ natural chewing instincts and helps beat boredom.
  • Smoked in restaurant-quality smokers with actual wood so they’re irresistible for dogs of all sizes.
  • Proudly made in NZ with never any fillers, artificial preservatives or synthetic ingredients.