Beef Tripes

Beef Tripes

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Treat your dog to the tender and delicious Beef Tripe Dog Treats. Green Tripe is bursting with beneficial enzymes, minerals, fatty acids and prebiotics.

Made with 100% pure New Zealand beef tripe, this nutrient-rich stomach lining contains naturally occurring omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which help support a healthy inflammatory response, joint health and healthy skin and lustrous coat. And because beef tripe is their one and only ingredient, it is great for doggies with sensitivities.

The healthy, grain-free and delicious tasting treats are ideal for finicky eaters of all life stages, plus they are great for training the newest member of the family.

This nutritious treat can even have revitalizing effects on older dogs by helping them balance their microflora. Proudly and safely made in NZ for all breeds of medium to large size, but smaller dogs can also enjoy because they are easy to break apart.

Like many of our natural treats, the Venison Tripes are gently air-dried to slowly protect the natural nutrients. First, the airflow dehydration process protects and retains the natural nutrients. Second, the multi-stage drying technology ensures the safety and longevity of the foodThis process results in a high meat, gently air-dried Treat that your dog will love.


  • 100% pure beef tripe treats, ideal for picky eaters, suitable for all life stages, and awesome for training a new pup.
  • Grain-free treats ideal for sensitive stomachs with digestive enzymes which absorb any unwanted digestive liquids improving the digestive system.
  • Healthy and nutritious for puppies and can have rejuvenating effects for older dogs by helping to balance their microflora.
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and a lustrous coat, plus helps promote cleaner teeth, purify and cleanse the blood and remove toxins, parasites and fungus.
  • Intended for medium to large breed, but also great for smaller breeds when broken apart into smaller, bite-sized pieces.
  • No antibiotics, glutens, grain or added hormones
  • Gently air-dried to protect the natural nutrients
  • Comes in re-sealable bags to keep your treats fresh for longer