Venison Hoof Smoked

Venison Hoof Smoked

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Give your pooch the long-lasting chew he craves with this smoked Venison Hooves Dog Treat.

Designed to be gradually worn down, these 100% all-natural beef hooves provide plenty of chewing time to satisfy your dog gnawing instincts. They are made from NZ sourced deer and are gently wood-smoked in restaurant-quality smokers to lock in the naturally delicious smoked flavor, with zero additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.

All our natural treats are gently air-dried (not baked or fried) to slowly protect the natural nutrients. First, our airflow dehydration process protects and retains the natural nutrients. Second, the multi-stage drying technology ensures the safety and longevity of the food.This process results in a high meat gently air-dried treat that your dog will love.

  • A great source of vitamins and fatty acids
  • Ideal for training and treating
  • No antibiotics, glutens, grain or added hormones
  • Made from 100% New Zealand meat
  • Gently air-dried to protect the natural nutrients
  • Comes in re-sealable bag to keep your treats fresh for longer