About Us

Pawbox is a New Zealand family owned and operated business since 2013. Our aim right from the start was to bring pet owners not only the biggest range of 100% NZ made natural dog treats, but also the best price and quality.

We believe that rewarding your four-legged friend should not cost you a fortune. This is why Pawbox members have been enjoying the benefit of a wide range of dog treats at the best price for many years.

Here at Pawbox, you can guarantee that all our treats are:

  • Locally sourced natural treats made from New Zealand free-range farm animals
  • Naturally, gently dried to retain the natural nutrients and flavour
  • No added salt, sugar and artificial flavours
  • Free of grain, gluten, hormones, antibiotics, chemicals and preservatives
  • Comes with free resealable bag to keep your treats fresh for longer

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you will try some of these treats and enjoy many of the benefits that we are offering.

Warm Regards

Pawbox Limited