Beef Strap / Paddywacks

Beef Strap / Paddywacks

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Paddywack chews are from the neck tendon of a cow. They deliver a satisfying crunch and can easily break into smaller pieces for any size dog to enjoy. They're a great natural, high in protein, low-fat, additive and sugar-free choice for dogs where bones cannot be fed.

The beef paddywacks are air dried to preserves all the natural flavour and nutrients. Beef Straps / paddywack contain natural glucosamine for joint support. The gnawing action from chewing these treats also promotes healthy teeth and gums by removing tartar and plaque buildup. Easily broken into smaller pieces, use these Beef Straps to teach your dog a new trick or encourage good behavior.

All our natural treats are gently air-dried (not baked or fried) to slowly protect the natural nutrients. First, our airflow dehydration process protects and retains the natural nutrients. Second, the multi-stage drying technology ensures the safety and longevity of the food.This process results in a high meat gently air-dried treat that your dog will love.

  • A great source of vitamins and fatty acids
  • Ideal for training and treating
  • No antibiotics, glutens, grain or added hormones
  • Made from 100% New Zealand meat
  • Gently air-dried to protect the natural nutrients
  • Comes in re-sealable bag to keep your treats fresh for longer